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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Pizza


Our Story

After years of working for others, it became time for Chef Isaiah to put himself out there and make the changes that are only possible from an ownership standpoint. The days of sacrificing culinary integrity for the sake of the bottom-line are in the past. No more running a food service operation where employees rely on the guest's charity to make a living. This was only the beginning.

Why Pizza? Pizza is something that could be done well and fast with high quality local ingredients.

Why a bus? Project Pizza is more than a business cranking out delicious wood-fire pizzas. We have dreams of this operation supporting food literacy education in young minds. We plan to use sales to support school gardens and other activities that educate the youth on how food is grown, processed, distributed, consumed, and managed as waste. A school bus fits the aesthetic better than any other vehicle.  

Meet The Team

Our Vendors, Farmers, and Ranchers

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