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learning Gardens

School gardens are outdoor classrooms that encourage young learners to eat fruits and vegetables. School gardens also increase the appreciation for the environment. They also help build life-long social skills and teach responsibility, communication, teamwork, ownership, and leadership.

food literacy

Increasing children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to choose, grow, prepare and enjoy healthy food to support one's health, community and the environment is important to future generations.




quarterly funding

We will gift grants year round on a rolling basis.

application process

Send us an email and tell us about your program and we will reach out and see if we can help. 


Pizza Party

The awardees of the grant will receive a pizza party thrown by Project Pizza!

grant terms

  • Applicants must work with or in a Public school or non profit educational facility

  • Provide pictures of the garden within a year from receiving the grant

  • The grant can be used for indoor or outdoor gardens. Creativity and innovation is encouraged.

Volunteers Serving Food

why we do it

Why shouldn't we do it? We believe that it is important to invest into the future with more than money, but into life long skills that will help future generations thrive.

email us about your program that could benefit from funding at

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